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    "Not a doubt ... Obj Tech is in the lid."

    yes and no.  If you are referring to any of the patented or patent pending technology developed and marketed by OBJ over the past 12 years, then I think the answer is probably "no" at this point.  There is no magnetic array.  There is no dermaportation, there is no communication of parameters to control a device, there is no advanced packaging.

    If you mean that SK-II came to Jeff with a technical issue and Jeff gave them a solution, then the answer is apparently "yes".  We don't have a public statement to back this up, but its been reported by enough people through conversations with management or after the agm presentation that we can probably accept it as true.  What exactly Jeff helped with is still a bit of a mystery to me - it seems he provided the idea/design for how to get a bottle to communicate with its owner (via coloured LED lights) and how to get a bottle to communicate with a mobile device (bluetooth).  

    I think it is fantastic that SK-II comes to Jeff to find a solution.  This can only lead to good things. But what I am trying to get at is that these two ideas of "OBJ tech" are not the same.. patented technology for which OBJ can earn royalties vs an engineered solution for which OBJ will likely be paid a consulting fee.

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