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    Excellent to see some momentum building moving into the new year. I think that many now are only beginning to comprehend the inherent value that lies within CER. Dont get me wrong there is still outstanding obligations that CER will need service and repay however i suspect that the new restructure will yield much "certainy" and unlock significant value in both CER and CNP.

    I suggest to ignore the ramping and blatant BS that has been posted in relation to the CEO. Once the company is comfortable with its decision they will announce this to the market in due course. Speculating that new CEO comes from "Stockland" leaves you with little credibility. As i have forementioned i'm extremely satisfied that the company has taken its time to carry out its research thoroughly to ensure that the new incumbent CEO is one that brings optimum experience, direction and ability to add to shareholder value.

    2010 will be an upbeat year for most REITS as valuations begin to claw back up and i suggest that most REIT stocks will outperform commodities and the broader market in general.

    CER is on a path to success - the new structure to be proposed in June 2010 will assist CER so greatly.

    I think that most now also believe (correct me if i'm wrong) that CER and CNP are both a much more secure and lucrative 'BUY' than they were 18 months ago trading at $1 and 50c respectively. I recognise that devaluations have hampered CER book valuations and NTA calculation however the NTA is a mere book value which is subjective and open to various valuation techniques. OK Billions of (non cash) dollars were wiped in devaluations from CER's books - however these are the same Billions that will be written back in the upcoming 6-12 months as valuations rise. An NTA of 30c is a bargain looking at the yields/ cap rates of some the CER's defensive assets. The current SP of 17c is even more staggering.

    The Upward Revaluations will be as explosive let me assure you as they were coming down. The REITS/ Commercial Property market is turing alot faster than what many had anticipated and this is being purely reflected in the above book assets sales of not only CER's assets but of other REIT assets around the world.
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