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    We've all been wondering for a while now why the deferred shares of anmna are trading at a discount when they should be selling for 12.8 cents above the shares.

    Well its been put to CEO Rod Sharp and it shows we're not the only ones wondering.
    This came out yesterday, are the DES currently trading at a discount to the ordinary shares?

    CEO Rod Sharp: AMC's directors, advisors and management, and I'm sure the DESholders, continue to scratch our heads about that. As you know,
    there's still 12.8 cents in distributions payable on the DES, which is backed by the Queensland Government. So we can't understand why the DES would trade at a discount to the fully paid ordinary shares.
    One reason might be that the DES are thinly traded and day traders may impact the market. The larger investors I've spoken to are taking
    a medium to longer term view of the company.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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