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    Hi guys,
    all this negativity ATM think we need to be proactive. Centro AGM's for CER and CNP and 26 and 27th which is about 3 weeks away. Im lucky I'm from Melbourne and live not to far from Geoff's shed. I think its about time we committed to whos going and get A hot copper group together. Centro is one of the biggest stocks discussed here its clear we are large supporters of Centro. Where also those who have been hardest hit by Centro. I would like to get a lot of Hotcoppierians to go to the AGM and formulate A list of things we want to ask these guys. We have spent way to much time speculating on the future of this stock. I think It is possible that their is alot of Hotcopperians who have valid Question to put to Centro. Let me know if you can make it to the AGM or either you have questions youd like to be asked at the AGM and ill make sure it happens.... So who's in .. Who's coming to the AGM ?
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