To get the maximum $600 per fortnight payment, you have to...

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    To get the maximum $600 per fortnight payment, you have to basically have <$5,000 in savings, next to no assets of value and a spouse who earns <$40k a year. Next to nobody qualifies for this. The money one gets on Newstart isn't enough to live on, you'll go homeless very quickly if you don't find a job.

    Quite a few years back I had a partner who barely earned $48k, first job out of university.
    Apparently because we had been living together for at least 6 months, she was considered a defacto by the government. Thus she was seen by the eyes of the govt as a wife and treated like one, and $48k was more than enough to half my centrelink entitlements when I was unexpectedly out of work and seeking employment.

    So it seems the only people who talk sheet about Centrelink are those who have absolutely no experience with it, and get their opinions off A Current Affairs.

    The system is in place because it's cheaper to pay a small sum of welfare to assist people to get back on their feet than it is to bare the cost of the significant increase of homelessness and crime that would result if the system was not there.

    Something @Chris1690 couldn't comprehend as you can tell by the utter nonsense he spits. Either really hardcore into neo-liberalism, or just plain ignorant. Hard to tell which.
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