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    Hi demoniaco. May I make the following points.

    The parliament called it "Centrelink" but a much better and far truer name is "The National Charity", for charity it is, and charity is how it must be known!

    It has rightly been said that any parliament cannot give to one class without first taking it from another; the other being that forgotten but honourable rank we know as the Productive Class, or if you prefer, the Paying Class, for pay is what we do, and pay is what we are forced to do; pay, pay and pay! Pay or prison!

    Those that receive a worker funded gratuitous income from the National Charity may be "struggling pretty hard", but they are not alone. We are also struggling; struggling with backs bent under their weight, while their parliamentary friends plunder our wages and rifle our wallets to meet their needs. Just because one section of society might be suffering under some particular evil, it does not follow that another section is obliged to pay the cost.

    But, are we ever asked if we want to pay or if we can even afford to pay? No, we are never asked: we are just told! Pay or prison.

    Friend, it isn't "Centrelink" that is abused by the few, but rather it is "Centrelink" that abuses the many; it is the productive class that is abused by the non-productive class.

    Those that are born disabled from work are, for the most part, the only class whose needs we must meet, for being unable to work, we must work for them. This is fair.  

    When the welfare state is abolished, when the idle and vicious are no longer supported by the taxes ofhonest industry, then the workman’s millennium will begin to dawn. Oh, for that day!

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