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centius gold - brief chronicle

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    Centius Gold - brief chronicle

    This forum is a lonely place.

    Centius Gold - Home Page

    Directors and Management

    Scott Brown (Chairman) B.Bus M.Com (Finance) Former CFO of MOS
    John Slade (MD/CEO) B.Sc M.Sc (GeoScientist) 40 years mining experience. Former BHP, CRA, Comalco
    Rob McLennan B.Sc M.Sc (GeoScientist) 40 years mining experience. Co-founder of Robust, Augur, Range, Ark and Magma resources.
    Lan Nguyan B.Sc M.Sc 20 year experienced petroleum engineer (in a gold company ??)
    Tiong chiong Ee B.A. B.Com, CEO of RH Mining
    John Robson B.A (Econs) MD of Ivory Capital, 20 years working with investment banks
    Michael Leu (Exploration Manager) B.Sc. 30 year experienced geologist, gold, copper, oil

    These guys are highly qualified and experienced mining (and energy) professionals.

    Listed by virtue of a 20 cent IPO in January 2011.

    Price after 6 months, July 2011 is currently 8.7 cents, a drop of 57% since listing.

    At July 1, 2011 has 34 million shares on quotation.

    Centius's ground covers 12 old goldfields, that have previously been in production.

    Croydon produced 686,000 oz gold at grades ranging up to 29.4g/t Au.

    Based in the Lachlan Fold Belt and New England Fold Belt in Eastern Australia.

    The ground over nearly all of these 12 old goldfields looks very prospective, and the recent aeromagnetics are very interesting indeed.

    Surprisingly, as well as high grades of gold and silver, the aeromags identified a potentially large scale Rare Earths prospect at Spiral, so I am not sure what they intend to do with that.

    The prospects are Bobo, Gympie, Croydon, Forbes, Copeland, Spiral, Bimbi, Temora, Junee, Pullabooka, Lunatic, Turon.

    Currently undertaking feasibility on Croydon and Bobo.

    Mining lease lodged for Croydon, for early production of 20,000 oz/yr at cash cost of $500 per/oz. Historic gold production on Croydon reached 38g/t. The ore will be trucked to the Georgetown mill. JORC resource by December.

    Bobo is next off the cab, and is the most exciting. Current inferred on 2.1 m/t at 4.2g/t with historical grades up to 34g/t.

    Current estimate for Bobo/Black Bull is 1.4 million ounces, and growing. Recoverable from shallow open at 45,000 oz/pa at cash cost of $390 per/oz. 15 metre wide drilling to commence in July 2011.

    Bimbi - very large tonnage au/cu system. Phase 1 drilling 3rd Quarter 2011. Cadia intrusives identified.
    Spiral - aeromags uncovers large potential rare earths deposit, previous geochem by Shell identified anomalous gold. Drilling 4th quarter 2011.
    Gympie - Drilling 4th quarter.
    Forbes and Pullabooka - (previous production of 329,000 oz/AU. Phase 1 drilling 3rd quarter, inferred JORC 4th quarter. Extension to the ore body from the Forbes mine is a high probability.

    So we have plenty happening in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2011.


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