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cellestis tb antibody test under developement

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    Hi fellow Cellestarians,

    In view of the excititing potential upgrade of QFTB 2 technology ( as mentioned in the latest Cellestis newsletter-see below ) to make TB testing as simple as a routine antibody test, can anyone answer these queries.

    Approx $ cost of an antibody test ??

    Is an expensive high tech machine such as an Elisa reader required to establish a result??.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how quickly routine antibody tests can be completed ??

    Extract from Cellestis March 03 newsletter

    Cellestis believes that maximising market penetration depends not just upon medical performance and benefits, but also on simplicity and cost savings for the user. Consequently Cellestis is also conducting studies, and has filed patent applications, on an even simpler method of applying QuantiFERON technology, which will essentially make the second-generation QuantiFERON-TB and future products as simple as a routine antibody test. The simpler method has the added advantage of enhancing QuantiFERON sensitivity, further improving the diagnostic performance of QuantiFERON tests and making the case for uptake of the test by major users even more compelling

    Warm regards,

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