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I don’t think this is a sensible or truly informed type comment...

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    I don’t think this is a sensible or truly informed type comment .

    Facts -
    • respect for the stem cell treatment value overall, ie. for the overall “asset portfolio “ Mesoblast holds.
    Over 1000 patents related to every facet and use type with stem cells , in global jurisdictions, with high quality partners in place and best in class production capability and partnerships also . ( Lonza notably )
    • plus the hugely compelling situation of 2 phase 3 readouts , upcoming . Three phase 3 trials all up , wrapped up and determined this year - 2020 has always been going to be “the year “ of fruition for Mesoblast .
    The ‘midyear ‘ ( June / July ) phase 3 trial results - are for what are regarded as the most compelling broad treatments for using stem cells - for back pain , and chronic heart failure .

    CHF as an illness - is greater or equal to cancers as an enormous concern and drain on health expenditures globally in developed world , and for patient debility .
    People - decline , over many years on complex cardiac management programmes , taking over 6 medications per day, through their days , for the remainder of their lives
    Chronic lower back pain - excites me far more !
    Stem cell treatment for lower back pain has potential to free active , younger contributing adults and many good people who have suffered injuries or through their vocations and are debilitated or limited by their condition and with chronic pain.
    I have never fancied back neurosurgery myself - personally even .
    This is the holy grail - a chance at renewed life , without spinal fusions and deleterious surgical interventions .

    •But first - leading to FDA approval , for MSCs approval as a treatment in the US & then elsewhere ..,
    **Mesoblast is in this poised position about to see approvals for the first treatment for dire acute graft versus host disease - even having received a Priority Review awarded to the company by the FDA in March, (likely with greater intention?, to assist approvals for Ryoncil for allied treatments use ?) .
    The PRV alone - is worth well over $100 million USD , if Mesoblast wanted to sell it .

    This position which Mesoblast is at - is on the verge of a paradigm shift in medical therapy when it occurs.
    ** For a stem cell treatment to be be approved , after years of studies , decades of cell technology work , clinical trials, and coming from over a decade & a half of preparedness to this point by Mesoblast as a company .
    The value of the trial work undertaken and completed- alone is well over $1 billion .

    And then .. you get to Covid 19 ARDS .
    **The value of the current trial , being undertaken in full alliance and parameters determined with the FDA —being a full phase 2/3 Controlled clinical trial , with placebo , blinded , with maximal treatment for covid -ARDS .
    This is a tremendous gift really to Mesoblast for its treatments and for shareholders of MESO and MSB !
    This trial work , as it is fully supported and being undertaken by the national health system (NIH) in the United States ~ over $100 million costs at least if had to be organised , and paid for?

    As well as - how the planning and logistics have been expedited , setup at the top 12 centres so far with up to 30 premiere university hospital trial sites trial planned in all - this is priceless really . Even if overwhelming efficacy. And trial halted before 30 sites , and these 30 important treatment hospital sites will already be organised for care with MSCs for Covid -ARDS .
    Tens of thousands more people in the US are forecast to die , by end of October on current trajectory of disease spread .
    Without anything changing in the character of or worsening (god forbid) of the covid virus .
    The acute inflammatory illness in some younger patients is ultra concerning also .
    ** The same inflammatory markers , in cytokine storm hyper immune response - as Mesoblast already is on verge of approvals for treatment for with Ryoncil for paediatric aGVHD .

    Flip remarks - do not pay regard to the true situation which Mesoblast is now at .

    I think the facts of where Mesoblast as an ~ $2 billion company market cap is at , deserves more curiosity about what will happen. Incredible situation.
    And I think awe can be felt , at what has been achieved by and for Mesoblast to be in this premiere position in what is finally looking to become mainstream medical treatments to be approved - with Mesenchymal and other stem cells .

    I think also - for many reasons , that no other company is as pivotally placed in the Stem Cells sphere .

    All the best however to Holders for these next weeks . Watching all the time can test the emotions
    In my head — I’m adding up , that I think to reach 30 patients under treatment will likely occur very swiftly.
    As 12 centres have been setup for many days / week now , and are recruiting with patients already under treatment with either Mesoblast MSCs or sadly a placebo also with best available care .

    Must think -
    These are people , direly ill with a pandemic virus complications- in a Life or Death situation.
    In ICU under maximum care , this is an ultra intense clinical trial time , with nursing cares and staff at risk of catching covid 19 as well . Huge quarantine locally for the patients and contacts and entire medical and community systems.
    ( this is Not like when a person is dying of sepsis but family can be with them to hold their hand and everyone can speak to the patient even if they are in a coma )

    Cannot be casual in thinking - it is critical to see what works for treating acute Covid 19 where patients have deteriorated so frighteningly . To be able to save them but not risk the enduring and life -changing effects usual for the rare patients who do make it off ventilators after having kitchen sink of corticosteroids and intense drug therapies pumped into them .

    Death - is the greater likelihood , and deaths are what are happening Now , if people are needing to be placed onto ventilators . Many of them formerly healthy , not very old patients . Many are not formerly life limited with immunocompromised conditions.
    They are parents and also include many health workers globally who have been at the coalface nursing others until they also became ill .

    **They don’t want to pussyfoot around for months , gradually recruiting for this Mesoblast MSCs IV trial , and not know if what they are trialing is worthwhile ! **
    This has been huge organisation .
    I know other trials are a lot to organise and authorise as well. But this is multi - sites , esteemed treatment centres, desperatetimes .

    Efficacy so as to cease giving placebo treatment if there is overwhelming saving of patients with the treatment - needs to have a chance to be determined , relatively quickly and soon .
    They need and want to know yesterday- confirmation or not and to what varying degrees , if these high quality stem cells already on cusp of FDA approval in the next few months , Mesoblast MSCs - and as Mesoblast are gearing up into production of Remestemcell -L already , for treatment in any case, need urgent readiness to produce greater and sufficient quantities for acute ARDS -covid broadly in the country .

    Lifesaving treatment- where most indicated .

    They are not going to hang about recruiting only every other day if a further at least 90000 patients are likely to die from ARDS -covid in the next months and with the President saying the government will not shutdown the US economy again even if there is a resurgence of Covid -19 .
    Tremendous risks and totally dangerous to think of millions more Americans to catch Covid 19 , because as a virus it is so efficient at being transferred from one person to others.
    Hugely transmissible .

    So - it is an incredible situation!
    No one could have seen this coming even in January.
    I think - respect is hugely deserved here for what is being tested and achieved

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