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    "The legend himself, Dr Itescu always said that inflammation was at the heart of all diseases, and I have always assumed that was close to or on the money. Now there is further proof in the treatment of the single biggest killer of all human beings..... Sepsis.... or systemic inflammation......"

    I think you will find that Silviu referred to all chronic diseases. It's a word common to all trials with Mesoblast. Try and pay attention.

    Talking up Sepsis, hey?

    The biggest killer of all human beings??!! By spending hundreds of millions of dollars on trials, MSB will be able to save billions of people - what a market! Everyone reading this in Australia is now wondering why they don't know anyone who has died of sepsis, yeah? For very good reason.....

    “The biggest reasons for the decline in sepsis are advances in vaccination, access to clean drinking water and better nutrition, and housing due to the fact that nearly a billion people have been lifted out of poverty,” he said. “But there is still much work to do to address the nearly 49 million people that are still being affected by sepsis.”

    Rather than develop treatments, providing clean drinking water to the world will reduce the numbers of deaths dramatically. Cheaper than stem cell treatments also. Sepsis isn't the biggest killer in the USA where the FDA is? Third world countries won't be able to afford stem cells for about 100 years, I reckon. It really sux to be poor.

    Sepsis is a beat up. An upramp - but as he/she holds shares is perfectly acceptable??

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