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    Police: highly likely moshav blast was suicide bombing

    By Roni Singer and Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondents, and Haaretz Service

    There is a "very, very high probability" that a
    terrorist suicide bombing caused the Monday night
    explosion that killed a resident of Moshav Yavetz
    in the Sharon area, Police Central District
    Commander Yehuda Bahar said Tuesday.

    Moshav resident Mazal Afari, 63,
    was killed in the blast, when
    the ceiling of her home
    collapsed. The remains of an
    unidentified young man,
    apparently the bomber, were
    also found in the wreckage of
    the house.The moshav is close
    to the seam line border with
    the West Bank.

    If proven to be terrorism, the blast would have
    been the first suicide bombing carried out
    since Palestinian militant groups declared a
    hudna, or temporary cease-fire on attacks
    against Israelis.

    One woman was rescued from the rubble, while two
    children in the adjacent house suffered light
    wounds and were taken to Meir Hospital in Kfar

    Fire chief Eli Barza said the initial assessment
    was that a gas leak caused the blast, but that
    the fact that no one at the moshav could
    identify the man found dead in the rubble
    raised the possibility he was a Palestinian
    suicide bomber. "No one here knows who he is,"
    Barza told Israel Radio Monday night. "It
    sounds very strange and very unreasonable, but
    we are not ruling out [a suicide bombing]."

    An explosives detonator was later found at the
    scene, and gas canisters at the house were
    found to be intact.

    Bahar said that in view of the findings at the
    scene and work by investigators of the police
    explosives laboratory, "There is a very, very,
    high probablility that it is was terrorist
    attack carried out by a suicide bomber."

    "Unfortunately, we are well-acquainted with the
    scenes of suicide bombings, and the body of the
    young man found at this scene, the nature of
    its 'distribution' and its shattering points to
    a suicide terrorist," Bahar said, adding that
    it had been determined that the blast was not
    caused by gas or other petroleum products that
    would have indicated an accidental explosion.
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