ccutale condones bali bombing!

  1. Yak
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    Hard to believe it but there are posters including ccutale that actually see the bombing and deaths of Aussies as condonable and in some way justifiable

    Shame on you ccutale - shame shame shame

    And before anybody argues - including you ccutale - read the reply to the simple ? posed regarding the bombing of the hospital in Russia with 50 dead.

    Question: Is the act..... a despicable, inhumane, evil act or not..... with not an iota of justification or merit?

    Ccutale's reply: "First you have to tell the audience what kind of the hospital was it, just general hospital or other kind, who was in it then I would have to be convinced who has done it, as lots of bombing in Moscow were just a pretends"

    And just in case you thought there was some equivocation he then posts - "it was act of mercy, poor injured Soviet soldiers needed to be finished in order to shorten their pain"
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