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    CCC's coal is "A" grade export and they are right on the rail to the port. If you look at Riversdale's assets they may have larger reserves but they are a million miles away from rail and their capex is going to be huge to get the coal to port. Not only that they are many many years away from production.

    Therefore looking at CCC's coal assets one would have to agree that they are in a much better location and there is absolutely no need for any large capex program's to get the coal to port.

    One would also need to look at the fact that CCC has put these assets together in record time! Does this have something to do with the fact that Bruce Buthelezi is very well politically connected with his grandfather being the Chief of the Zulu tribe.

    Lets all be real here in places like Africa you do not put together a company like CCC in such record time unless you are connected. The question you must also ask are there more coal assets coming into CCC in the near future. Time will tell.

    Fast producing coal assets at very low cost obviously adds to the bottom line and with cash flow starting to roll in in the first quarter of 2010 I'm betting on a stock price of 20c plus by February/March 2010.
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