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    Hi Cbro

    How this for an idea on what might happen to AED.



    Assume they get hit with a Chinese deal like the British Rover takeover.

    Basically takeover/farmin partners agree to a deal, then they delay and delay, ask for more information, need board approval, more information until they are the only guys in the running.

    Delay some more, ask for a price reduction, watch AED cash position become even worst.

    Delay again.

    Then again

    Then break the deal due to some excuse.

    Company left with no place to go but receivership.

    Then offer to help out the receivership chaps by buying Puffin and other EP areas for just more than the current bank debt and receiver fees.

    Deal done and share holder get sweet FA.

    The only problem with this view is it delays the time until receivership arrives (say two months) and might mean I have to honour my bet with Cbro.



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