CBH 0.00% 23.5¢ cbh resources limited

cbh production costs down from 80c to 60c

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    Give or take a few cents ,this is what CBH believe costs will come down to in the next half .The second ball mill is nearly installed at Endeavour ,and this ,along with efficiencies gained from higher grade stopes ,higher production ,shorter haul distances ,and the second decline acces will all play their part .Anyone that considers Endeavour to be a high cost zinc mine is now living in the past .Now that Zinc has broken out of its downtrend ,CBH has also done a reversal from its downtrend ,and the fundamental changes in their operations have underpinned what the charts indicate ,there can only be one direction for CBH ,UP.
    The Zinc price showed a violent price rise last night ,that even shocked me .Its obvious a few shorters got caught out .
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