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CBA - My predicitions

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    By my charting and inputs it is most likely time to BUY for a CBA rise, almost certainly starting tomorrow.

    DON'T ACT on this....just watch.

    CBA to almost certainly re-test todays lows, and go as low as $31-60/50 area. Especially if US falls overnight and thus cause an opening drop.
    If the US rise (not a huge rise) then they will open higher and THEN fall back.
    Watch for an entry area around 10-30am, or by lunch area at least I would expect. It could be a V shaped recovery turn...or have some amount of levelling base.

    All in all I expect the turn to rise to start TOMORROW at some stage.

    CBAWPN...$30-00 warrant. 40c area today near close, and should be sub-40 tomorrow if the falls come. Around 37c area for $31-50.

    CBA target....$33-00 area before the end of Monday.
    CBAWPN target, 50c min...prob as far as 60c area.
    So 25% area should be easy. And 50%, or even more, within reasonable odds chances.

    There IS a chance of the coming lows going as far as $31-00. But that is low %. I would just buy some MORE there.

    CBA will rise and "re-test" the $32-30 area highs and stall....but then beat that ( maybe a temp fall back at the re-test highs) and then press onwards towards the $33-00 target.

    So watch this all unfold.

    Feel free to email if you would like more details than this. [email protected]

    Disclaimer: I do NOT own CBA or CBAWPN.
    I do not work for anyone but myself, nor have any affiliations with anyone else. I am a self employed trader and generally only trade ASX banks.

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