cba mopping up!

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    Trades this morning are a classic example of market management.

    CBA cleaning up over half a million shares at a price they have boxed in.

    As is the norm - a small parcel of sell orders left at the lowest level - 431 AVL shares offered at 14 cents!!!!!

    CBA can control the trading as there is negligible buying by other parties/investors.

    Now for more suppositions!
    (Only suppositions so no harrassment - please)

    The quarterly report should be released within two weeks. Informed posts indicate this will be very positive indeed.

    CBA now has a short period in which to accumulate at present price levels with virtually no buying competition.

    An appearance of apparent weaknes in AVL share price now could be a last gasp effort to shake out any potential selling.

    Very soon insiders will know the tennor of the quarterly report and there is likely to be a strong buying surge days prior to reports release.

    CBA should be in a position then to change tact and add to the price surge impitus.

    I know nuffing.
    This is all speculation.
    Up till now, however, my suppositions have tended to be close to target.

    Will watch with interest.



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