cba increase holding to over 15m shares

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    And they cant believe their luck .They have been virtually the only buyer ,even after the market was informed of their buying.When you see some of the other rubbish going up and down ,It makes you wonder about some of the people investing on the market .
    No doubt Anvil will have its day in the sun .
    I hold 400,000 and still see them as good value .
    I am surprised they are still at these levels.
    as for the options ,most of these are exercisable at 12c (not far below the market price ) so cannot be added to the market cap without ascribing a value to anvil , for the cash they will recieve on exercising of these options . I am convinced we will see 20 -25 c for Anvil within the next 2-3 months.
    cheers Brenden
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