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caution to novices

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    Hi all.

    I'm not buying into the debate as to whether VCR will go up or go down in the short term. It will probably do a bit of both.

    I will say, as I said yesterday (with criticism from some) - novice traders need to be careful trading this stock. As was witnessed today it is very erratic and will probably continue to be so in the next week/month etc. There will be many opportunities to make and lose money on this one as it oes up and down.

    The purpose of my post is to remind people....especially novice traders to understand that with high reward comes high risk. Trade what you can afford to lose (on this stock and others) and understand the risks before entering.

    I have no interest in deterring people from buying or selling VCR. Please don't attempt to post messages suggesting that my intentions are anything other than positive.

    Good luck to all.


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