caution - telstra messagebank 101

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    Just a word of caution that may save you an hour or so of your time.

    Last night, after seeing the ads for the Telstra Messagebank 101 on TV, I decided to see exactly what it is. I dialled the 101 and listened to the spiel about what it is. Unfortunately, the spiel neglects one important fact. If you continue to the next step (press 1 to turn on Messagebank) then there is no way to turn it back off.

    I ended up spending an hour on the telephone to Telstra to get it turned off. Initially, they told me that it cannot be turned off at all but when I stated getting a little "uppity" they got a supervisor who then turned it off.

    If you want the messagebank service then that's fine (perhaps) but just be warned.

    Of further interest, you can see why they are happy to provide this service for free. Nornally, if you are trying to conatct someone that is out you just ring and if they don't answer try again later (no charge for unanswered calls). However, if that person has put messagebank on then you will get answered by the service and be charged for the call - even though you havnt managed to achieve your purpose of speaking to the person. As the caller, you have no choice, you will be charged for the call if the callee has MB turned on.

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