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    > Subject: : Catholic Education
    Hope this does not offend any Catholics out there..

    >Little Tommy was doing very poorly in math.
    >His parents tried
    >everything... tutors, flash cards, special
    >learning centres... In short,
    >everything they could think of to improve
    >Tommy's grades just wasn't working.
    >As a last ditch effort, they enrolled Tommy
    >in the local Catholic School.
    >After Tommy's first day at the new school,
    >he came home with a very
    >serious look on his face. He didn't even
    >kiss his mother hello, but
    >walked straight to his room and started
    >studying. Books and paper
    >were soon spread out all over the room with
    >Tommy hard at work. His mother
    >was amazed. She called him down to dinner,
    >and to her shock, the minute
    >he was done, he marched right back to his
    >room without a word and started
    >hitting the books as hard as before.
    > This went on day after day while his mother
    >tried to understand what was
    >making the difference. Finally, little
    >Tommy brought home his report
    >card. He placed it quietly on the table and
    >walked directly to his room
    >to hit the books again. With great
    >curiosity, Tommy's mom opened the
    >report card, and to her delight, little
    >Tommy got an A+ in math!
    > She had to know why the Catholic School had made
    >such a difference, so she went
    >to Tommy's room.
    > "So, what was it? Was it the nuns?", she
    >asked. Little Tommy kept his eyes on the ground
    >and shook his head, "No".
    > "Was it the books... the discipline, the
    >structure, the uniforms?"
    > Little Tommy again shook his head, "No".
    > "Then what was it?"
    > Little Tommy looked at her, with a fearful
    >expression on his face, and
    >finally answered, "Well, on the first day
    >of school, when I saw that guy
    >nailed to the plus sign, I knew they weren't
    >f%#*ing around".
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