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Originally posted by greenhawkCath is busy pounding the pavement...

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    Interesting, Cath has always had 140,000 BOPD as a an eventual oil production rate, so it's going to be very interesting to see what the final specs on the FPSO turn out to be, most can produce above nameplate. When they produce gas it will be expressed as BOEPD hence a higher overall number but that certainly won't account for 40,000 BOPD....I'll take whatever oil the FPSO can handle...

    The 5B barrel oil in place gets mentioned again, which seems to upset some, even though it's much nicer than 3.6B and obviously includes at least the FAN discovery...it seems very likely to me that the current 500 Bbl the project is based around will be exceeded, but can only be known as the field is developed , a lot of things can change in the production timeframes this field entails. Many here struggle with waiting a week not years..

    On another note it was a very comprehensive Annual report that contained nothing new as expected but emphasizes whats always been the case, that SNE is the prize and everything else is a potential bonus. Any exploration drilling aside from Senegal will follow the normal FAR approach of getting it done free or with very little expense IMO, through farming down WI, it has to be when you have no income and developing an Elephant..a cash windfall would be the only thing that would likely change that...Financing remains the major unknown and probably the biggest damper on the shareprice but one that will be resolved this year..at a guess Cath visit to NY was mainly finance related..in the meantime it's just the normal slow grind to eventual production, barring a corporate event...

    Cheers Whisky

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