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catfights & frosty's fun house & i'm exited!!

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    Ladies, ladies, ladies......enough with all the b!tch slapping, hair pulling and name calling already. the name of the game is to discuss all viewpoints on a stock and not personal attacks on one another. but then again, we are dealing with the big SLT arent we? so perhaps these 'catfights' are all part of the process of stripping all moral fibre from our pseudo Hotcopper personalities.

    now the announcements. i should think the better approach would be to read in unison all the annoncements from all the companies in which frosty the snowman & co have had their mits in. take the old TGL for eg (GAM) in which Tibor was 'bought out'. one then wonders where the money to 'buy out' came from? perhaps from a SLT selldown? i am only speculating that this may be the case. anyway it is obvious that GAM is being cultivated for another 'snowman' caper as C.O.S elluded earlier.

    finally, if anybody knows, was there any frosty rep at Big Kevs BKV egm today? i'm exited!
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