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    I do a Google search (News) each day to get updates whets happening to “the next big thing” as stated by many Local and overseas magazines. What becomes abundantly clear is that WiFi download rates are significantly cheaper than mobile rates on GPRS
    network, in some cases, several hundred times cheaper. GCN's m-Vision
    subscribers downloading video content at Xone HOTSPOTS will be able to do it
    for FREE as well. There is then a real business case for the average
    consumer to use m-Vision on WiFi network rather than on GPRS.

    Check out the information on http://www.m-vision.tv

    If the Adult Entertainment that seem to dominate traffic on the WWW grabs this technology (probably not at the decision of GCN but vendors like Adultshop (“ASC”)),then $$$. Interesting, but as yet unanswered

    Perhaps the HC doubters may even get excited.

    There are very few Aussie companies with unique applications for WiFi products,
    GCN is one with some interesting partners, which include Microsoft (see earlier press release). With people like Intel, Sun, Hewlett Packard and many Telco’s rolling out products for Wi Fi and HOTSPOTS. There is considerable momentum gathering out in world markets and Gotreck will have its share.
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