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Cash receipt WILL finally flow..

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    I steel this from Hiroic's recent post, but finally it seems clear based on this quote from Glyn:

    "So the initial fees from P&G should be seen during this half."

    Perhaps $20k perhaps $50k whatever it maybe it will increase each quarter from here on into the future. For all those who have been in long term, congratulations on waiting for this significant milestone in OBJ's history. A revenue stream for the very first time directly linked to our technology being incorporated into a commercialised product and we are less than three months from seeing it.

    A whole bunch of firsts - what an exciting time for a company. While mining companies and other biotech's are negotiating and communicating grand plans around their potential future revenue, OBJ has finally cracked cash flow. I am ripping Q2 2015 (Oct-Dec) will be our first 4C presenting positive cash - and the first of many more to come.

    Good luck to all.
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