cash flow positive gold mine in Peru

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    At present ignored by the market. Options are trading around a cent. Board change has the MRC boys running the ship. These guys are movers and shakers......might worth a look into.

    Announcement: Agreement to Acquire 60% of Colibri Mining Nth Peru

    Date: 05 July 2002 - 17:04:03
    Market Sensitive: Yes


    HOMEX - Perth

    The Directors of AMS are pleased to announce the signing of an
    agreement that, subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions
    precedent, will result in the Company acquiring a 60% shareholding in
    a Peruvian company which holds extensive mineral interests in Peru
    including two (2) gold treatment facilities. The Peruvian company,
    Colibri Mining North SAC (CMN) and its associates, Laurence Stefan
    and Adamastor Resources Limited, have assembled a very attractive
    package of projects in Peru and have a demonstrated ability to
    operate in that country.

    The projects include -


    Minera Colibri operates two small gold treatment plants in southern
    Peru. High grade gold ore is toll treated from small scale mining
    operations in the area. These operations currently produce
    approximately 1.5 kg of gold daily. Increased production should be
    possible by adding gravity circuits to the plants and providing
    improved transport options for the miners. These operations are cash
    positive on a monthly basis.

    In addition to these operations, CMN holds tenements in its own right
    in the area in which are located known high grade veins.


    These projects are held under Option to purchase by CMN. The gold
    mineralisation is hosted by epithermal quartz veins which have been
    subject to small scale mining. CMN is actively exploring these
    systems and, on present indications, these two projects are possible
    future sources of high grade gold ore.


    CMN has an option to purchase two tailings dams: 1.3 million tonnes
    grading 2.8g/t and 0.5 million tonnes grading 7.6g/t, and is
    investigating the viability of other similar opportunities. If the
    current assessment work confirms the stated volumes and gold grades,
    these deposits offer CMN excellent opportunity for increased cash
    flow in the short term.


    The iron ore deposits being mined in the hinterland of Marcona
    contain Significant levels of copper and cobalt. Operating since the
    mid 1900's, the mine has produced over 100 million tonnes of
    tailings. CMN is currently assessing the viability of extracting
    these minerals under an option agreement with the current mine


    CMN holds various options to purchase tenements covering the
    Tabaconas and Chinchipe Rivers in northern Peru. Gold has been mined
    from the river terraces and the rivers, beyond recorded history.
    Recent work completed on the terraces and the rivers has confirmed
    the presence of concentrations of gold similar to those required for
    a viable alluvial mining operation.


    The material terms of the agreement with CMN and its associates are
    as follows:

    a) The transfer of the 51% holding in Minera Colibri SAC to CMN;

    b) The transfer of shares in CMN to AMS such that AMS will hold 60%
    of the issued capital of CMN for the Consideration;

    c) The Consideration to be provided by AMS shall consist of -

    * Transferring the AMS mobile gold treatment plant located in WA to

    * Providing CMN with US$1.2m of working capital;

    * committing to provide a further US$3.6m of working capital before
    the remaining shareholders (holding collectively 40% of the shares)
    are required to provide additional funding;

    * the issue of 7.35 million AMS shares to the CMN shareholders;

    * the issue to Adamastor Resources Limited, at the direction of CMN,
    of 7.35 million AMS shares and 7.35 million AMS options in
    consideration for the transfer to CMN of the loan account equal to
    US$32.0m owing by Minera Colibri SAC to Adamastor Resources Limited,
    Repayment of this loan by Minera Colibri will represent a further
    cash injection of US$2.3m to CMN

    d) As soon as practicable after execution of the agreement, AMS will
    advance to CMN the sum of US$200,000 to be secured by personal
    guarantees, to be replaced by a convertible note for 10% of CMN or

    Completion of this transaction is Subject to:

    * The transfer by Adamastor Resources Limited and Laurence Stefan of
    their 51% holding in Minera Colibri SAC to CMN;

    * the completion of due diligence by 6 September 2002;

    * the preparation of formal documentation;

    * compliance with ASX Listing Rules, including the requirement for
    shareholder approval of the issue of new AMS shares and options; and

    * AMS securing an agreement for a capital raising to fund the US$3.6m
    working capital commitment.

    In seeking out this opportunity, AMS has endeavoured to obtain value
    associated with the gold treatment plant owned by the Company. Based
    on the confirmation of any one of a number of opportunities, this
    plant could significantly increase the current cash flow of the
    Peruvian operation.

    The Company considers this potential acquisition an excellent
    opportunity to participate in the growth of the gold industry in
    Peru, which currently produces 150 tonnes of gold annually.

    Upon completion of this transaction (scheduled for 30 September) AMS
    will have issued 14.7 million new shares and 7.35 million new
    options, transferred the mobile gold processing plant and paid US$1.4
    million (in capital that remains in the projects) in exchange for a
    controlling 60% interest in a group of Peruvian gold projects that
    have current positive cash flow and significant identified

    D Lymburn
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