Not sure how much has been written on this topic but I'm and...

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    Not sure how much has been written on this topic but I'm and always have been an advocate of cash usage, and no I'm not a criminal - in fact I'm quite a respectable high level employee of the Public Office.

    I'm not bias towards any political party, I am I suppose what you call a swing voter BUT my voice in the community holds a great deal of weight - I have highly likely swung thousands of votes from election to election.

    From current senate details I'm very disturbed about this over $10k cash ban, notably as it is coming into play prior to an imminent negative interest rate world - this was never about criminal, dark pool, or black market activity; this is about your freedoms being squandered and just before they reset the money market/interest swap rate system. The facts are that they are about to pass a bill on all of our liberties in Australia; similar to France, Italy etc.

    This formed opinion/rule change has come from a KPMG enquiry which in my opinion is highly flawed.

    That said although I don't totally agree with a particular senators racial conduct at times I believe she has the best interests of Australia at heart with this one - I don't want to be part of a great reset either! I with many others will be voting One Nation this time round; there is going to be a lot of flight from these so called conservative for the people parties next election.

    Gods Blessings.

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