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carnilya hill

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    Based on Mincor last qrtly report the average margin for nickel/LB was 7.79 that equates to over $17000 per tonne when nickel was around 26000 to 28000.
    With the target production expected from Carnilya Hill
    to be 5000 tonne per annum Views share would be 1500 tonnes. 1500 tonnes X $17000 is over $22.5 M a year. These figures based on the nickel price at (A$/lb) 14.05. At the current nickel price of (A$/Ib) of 16.20 factoring in the cost of production to go up by 10% would be the cash margin would be 9.314 (A$/lb) which is around 20500 per tonne. Which means the Views share would be around $ 30m a year. I can see why the administrator would be trying to hold Carnilya Hill
    in views interests. If we loose the Bronzewing we still could have a revenue stream of around 25 – 30 million a year. I must say i am no accountant just a battler doing the view maths Does anyone know what Bronzewing is worth?

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