carbon tax or social engineering?

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    The Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet, has promised ''millions of households will be better off under the carbon price''. More than 1 million low-income households will receive assistance equal to 120 per cent or more of their cost of living increases

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    How can "over-compensating" a large number of households for a carbon tax be good for the economy.

    I intensely dislike the "blurring" of facts and political agendas over the issue of a carbon tax. Imo, such a tax should be considered on its merits, not for its capacity to fund social redistribution of wealth.

    A nation is surely measured by its ability to fund education, health care and the welfare of the elderly and needy ... however I would much rather see truthful policies and taxes and have input to how the money was top be spent.

    Taxing carbon, allowing big business to pass on the increases and some, then playing Robin Hood with the funds raised really confuses the higher order issues of why a carbon tax ... as it stands, "why" could easily be taken to mean "raise more taxes" ... poor form imo.

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