carbon tax effects on-going..

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    If we can drag ourselves away from the interminable AWU affair, there are other matters needing attention.

    REX is Australia's most successful regional airline by far, but today its Chief Operating Officer had this to say at the company AGM;

    “As foreshadowed in our earlier warnings, the Government’s slew of draconian measures at the start of this FY is having its expected impact on the general economy which in turn is hurting regional aviation badly,” Rex Chief Operating Officer Garry Filmer said.

    Its not like REX is a poorly run basket case. Its the SouthWest of Australian aviation, very well managed, and makes very good profit, with strong share price, so when they make statements like this, the government should take notice.

    It serves a lot of mines one way or another. The carbon tax effect was specifically named in the company report released today. So far from going away, its effects are on-going and far reaching. If it served a purpose there might be an argument, but nobody has ever come up with a reason for it, or how it benefits anyone. So when a baggage handler at Wagga airport loses his job, few will put it down to the carbon tax, but a lot of people know the truth.

    Now back to more important matters, like the AWU scandal.
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