carbon or carbon dioxide

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    Carbon Dioxide (co2), or Carbon (c) a chemical element.

    Why is it, that when everything is abreviated to it's first letter, eg PM (Prime Minister) why are they calling it Carbon Tax? Should it be "C" tax or "co2" tax?

    co2 tax does sound rediculous, how will future generations think of these idiotic ideas? and what would have our forefathers think of a tax on the air we breath or a tax on a chemical element? (Which is it again? ... air or element...?) Why don't they just come out and say what they want to put a tax, they can't say they want to tax the air we breath out? I guess that wouldn't be sellable, harder to "gloss over" so to speak, so they call it Carbon Tax..... isn't that "C" Tax?

    Man this is confusing/rediculous....

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