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    Hi all

    I read a article about the WTO targets Beijing for curbs on exports, from the Australian Business 6/7/11 page 18.

    It says that the WTO was preparing to condemn China for limiting its exports of major raw materials, Beijing says that curbs were necessary to protect the environment.

    Now we all know that China is not worry about the environment, if they did they would shut down all there coal power plants that they have !!!

    Also as they (China) say that curbs were necessary to protect the environment, what a load BULL we all know that its about WHO CONTROLS THE MAJOR RAW MATERIALS WORLD WIDE CONTROLS THE PRICE OF IT ALL !!!

    I read from the Australian last week that both China and India greenhouse gas emissions release more of it then Australia does ( IN JUST 5 DAYS THEY EMIT MORE THEN WHAT AUSTRALIA DOES IN ONE WHOLE YEAR !!! JUST 5 DAYS MORE THINK ABOUT THAT WILL YOU !!!

    Now who do we believe in all of this the governments of the world or not.

    In yesterday Australian page 5 an article about Coal burning cancels greenhouse gas effect, it says that Robert Kaufmann a professor at Boston University , said he was motivated to conduct the study after a sceptic confronted him, he had seen that temperatures had not risen over the decade.

    Nothing that I had read that other people have done, gave me a quick answer to explain that seeming contradiction, because I know that carbon dioxide concentrations have risen he said.

    The burning of coal jumped in the past decade, particularly in China it also remains the largest greenhouse gas emitter, but it has also started to take action to address rampant pollution.

    Now why is the Gillard Government pushing it so much for us I wonder ??? we ( Australia ) do we release as much as both China and India ?? I don't thing we do so why is this Government pushing so hard for it. !!!

    I think that its all to do with making Australia look so good in the eyes of the WORLD !!

    Also to put us up there to be notice by the WORLD GOVERNMENTS, so we ( Australia )can get a seat on the UN and then be notice by all.

    I just hope that Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard does not get the job, as they both have stuff up with what they are doing to Australia, we once had a good Government that we know it had the best interest of Australia in, now I'm not to sure about that any more.

    I think that they ( the government) have lost there way into running this GREAT COUNTRY THAT WE HAVE IN AUSTRALIA !!!

    I'm sorry about venting about all of this, but I'm just so piss with what they say about the CARBON FOOTPRINT if they ( the Governments of the world ) do as much as they talk about, then we all would be in a BETTER PLACE NOW !!!

    You can not stop other people emitting greenhouse gas into the air, if those countries want to develop themselves to the standard of the WEST !!!
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