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car application

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    earlier member johanna aka joe [?] asked for posts that were all warm'n'fuzzy about the probable upcoming DYE announcement regarding Dyesol technology and it's application to new enviro friendly cars probably/maybe by BMW..

    Such an announcement has been "hinted" at by our supreme MD Ricky Caldwell for months but little definite news has been announced to the ASX [as usual].

    However we do have a precedent from some time ago of a car manufacturer releasing a protype car of the Future at some car show.
    It was Hyundai or some Firm similar and they used a DYE like tech in their New Technology Future Car.

    How? This mob had a roof panel of treated glass that..wait for it...provided power for a Fan.Yes a fan undoubtedly low voltage that most probably had to be installed to counter the heating effects within the car caused by the glass panel roof!

    Pilgrims one can get excited by the "potential" market for DYE technology but one has to keep in mind the narrow niche it may be used in for example Cars of the Future.

    Even the TATA use is currently working on a 3D application in commercial sheds.That is using the walls instead of only the roof.They haven't got the walls and sides churning out power yet so has BMW?
    If not we are not talking about the car body being of "treated" steel.

    Besides there is a delicacy question as in Does power still get produced if some part of the system is damaged?
    Like even a shopping trolley bingle denting the surface,does this short circuit the whole car power operation?

    Anyhow many Dyehards are much more skilled in bringing Tech Info and interpretation to this Forum than me.
    I just concentrate on modifying Pollyanna/Pie in the Sky dreaming as well as commentating on the DYE Management style of our Dick Caldwell and his PR team.

    happy trading
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