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capital raising

Currently unlisted. Proposed listing date: 31 AUGUST 2020 #
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    Well I am glad that is all over (Capital Raising) - I doubled my holdings by picking up some extra rights and the share price should start heading north again in the next few days. Hope the rest of you took up your rights at 5cents or you will be crying this time next year.
    Some close to the company are saying its going to be a very very busy year at the company! What else will be in store for us in 2010? Just remember the CEO (Mark F)has to hit his targets as he signed on for another two years and he is not going to do that with "organic" growth! I think it will be more of what we have seen in 2009 and then maybe sell the company to one of the big four, that's the best way to drive share holder value and would the best on his resume, not to mentioned those options he has.
    Get on board while you can at these prices and maybe take a little off the table at 10 cents.
    Hope you all have a safe xmas\ney years.
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