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    I think you are correct dapper.
    NST will eventually get EAR, if they prove up a few more ounces, I think this is what Victor has been brought in to do.
    I don't think NST are in a hurry though, they have enough on their plate at the moment.
    I also think that once that occurs, NST would like EAR to organise the refurbishment funding, under the direction of the NST director on EAR's board.
    I don't think that the EAR board or NST expect EAR to be a stand alone producer.
    If EAR does not discover more resource ounces, then NST may cut and run, depending on EAR's stock price and what value NST put on the old plant.

    There is a lot of IF's here with this stock!

    The big questions are;
    1. Will EAR uncover new resource ounces
    2. Will those ounces be enough to persuade NST to takeover
    3. Will EAR find the funding to refurbish the plant
    4. How much money will NST put aside for an EAR bid
    5. How manipulated will the EAR stock price become before a bid
    6. When will all of the above occur

    Personally I think there is a long wait here, so in the meantime I'm just going to keep an eye on the global price of gold, and on EAR and NST announcements (and info from the NST forum), and trade some stock up and down, buy some below 15c (or thereabouts), sell some above 22c (or thereabouts).
    While I keep a core holding for the takeover bid, hopefully averaging down with each result on my trading component. At the moment, my average is still too high, because I started buying too high, but at least it's now under 20 cents, next target averaging to 15 cents.

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