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cape lamberts real play

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    the market is asleep at the wheel here and maintaing focus on the wrong target IMHO

    while Fury & other un-risked targets in the Cooper Basin are no doubt exciting they still stand as relatively low payzones & played more of a role at forcing Cape Lamberts hand..

    Monitors key Oil targets always remained those in Kyrgastan but they fell apart mainly due to struggling capital base and a failed JV in the region.

    Chase the tail of Tony Sage & the picture becomes clearer

    International Goldfields bought UK listed Eastern Petroleum in October of this year for $152M obtaining 50% interest in subsurface use rights for the exploration of Hydrocarbons in eastern & south eastern Kazakhstan (Miller & Lents independently valued this interest at $559M).

    Tony Sage is the Executive Chairmen of International Goldfields the company is currently suspended but will re-list in January 2010 as IPO (International Petroleum Limited) .

    Mark Gwynne (MHL) was appointed Director @ International Gold Fields earlier this year......

    people make there own decisions and interperet as they wish but i highly suggest reading through the links provided in particular listening to the BRR interview in October where Tony highlights the goal of becoming a Major oil company and the focus to chase aquisitions over the next 3-4months

    Heres the links -

    BRR - IGC HERE - 23/10/2009

    Kazakhstan: International Goldfields acquires stake in Alakol Basin Block through purchase of Eastern Petroleum - HERE

    IPO - update on re-listing HERE - 22/12/09
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