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cant believe these guys

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    1. EBITDA for US first 6 mths = US$20m , they say 1H represents 25% of a "full year" extrapolate that out means they expect $80m for the full year to 30/6/8.

    EBITDA multiple therefore = $775/80 or 9.7 times
    They say 14 times (year to 31/12/07)
    Well which is it ?

    Deliberate confusing signals

    2. Everythings fine on 1H presentation - no one believes them sp is hammered and all of a sudden a great opportunity to sell a big part of the business

    3. Look at their presentation for a major sale - pathetic , what are they selling for how much? Everyone guessing because the details arent there - I would be surprised if they even know

    4. Are they gonna make a profit or loss on this sale?? No one knows, what did they pay for these assets? I have added up 4 purchases for at least $589m but I bet you its more

    5. Read their response to ASX price query - deliberate confusing of facts in saying the market was not going to be surprised with 1h results - could of fooled the market!

    6. No one knows what the sp should be, because the business is out of control

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