Cannot Win

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    Well the market has been dropping for about 6 months straight now.

    Although i make plenty of mistakes myself i still cannot obtain any luck form this caper at all.

    After cleaning up late last year and early this year (making excellent profits) i have now given all of those profits back and more.

    For every winning trade i get, i have 2 or 3 losers.

    And then even in this shocking market, stocks i sell start rising, it is literally unbeleivable.

    Recently sold CVN at below 6 before it ran to nearly 8 cents. Also recently missed out on picking up some OMI at 1.80 because as my order was going through soemone jumped in front of me. Today they have smashed through the 2 dollar mark.

    Yes i realise this is all part fo the game, but every now and then you would expect just a little bit of luck to come your way.

    Unless i can turn this around sometime soon, i will be out of trading, not because i have no money left, but just because i cannot obtain the rewards for hours of stock research.


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