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    Hi Domum,

    MLHSBC allow you to place international orders including TSX, I can't speak for other online trading sites.

    Minimum brokerage A$90 at this end but then you have to add "overseas charges" which include 1.5% brokerage at the Canadian end + maybe they make something on the foreign exchange transactions too. Also there is a minimum purchase order value of A$10000. I had a $10000 order which had well over $300 total costs.

    This is OK if the stock goes up 300% but not too flash if it goes down! Not too flash either if you get a miniscule part of the order filled (I was lucky).

    You have to put the order on between 8am and 6pm AEST, ie you can't trade live, you have to preset the price. Also you can't change the order online you have to phone them.

    One possible advantage though is that you can nominate any price you like - you are not limited by the "too far from market" rule for local online trading.


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