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    Haven't seen this effect here today.

    levityintx (ID#: 446845) junior & exploration companies 30/10/03 11:08:03 AM 6856554
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    Anyone else notice that today was a huge day for junior exploration/mining companies. I cannot remember the last time I saw so many companies up ATLEAST 10% OR MORE in a day and its NOT just gold companies, Mongolia/China related, Calandra related or R.F. related. A lot of the companies are copper, nickel, silver, zinc, palladium. These are only the ones I own or follow. I'm sure I missed a few of the big gainer today.
    141% Bitteroot Res
    38% Weda Bay Min
    34% Canadian Zinc
    30% Dumont Nickel
    25% Pacific Minerals
    25% Platinum Group
    25% Candente Res
    24% Firesteel
    20% Inca Pacific
    20% Golden Goliath
    19% Philex Gold
    18% N. Amer. Palladium
    17% Capstone Gold
    16% Copper Ridge
    14% GLR Resources
    14% Sultan Min.
    14% QGX
    13% Gammon Lake
    11% McWatters Mining
    10% Ivanhoe Mines
    10% Golden Star
    10% Lakota Res.
    10% Altius Minerals
    10% Anooraq Res.
    10% Breakwater Res.
    10% Major Drilling

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