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    Gee and some of you think RAU has got problems.

    Came across a Canadian equivalent to HC ( checked out some comments on LZN (Luzon). Quite fascinating.

    Some of the earlier posts through January and early to mid Feb were hashing up comments from July 2006 or 2007 about Lipichi results and forgetting that they were old info.

    Some of the more recent ones show the panic that the RAU legal challenge has produced amoung some punters.

    Let's see if I can copy some in here.
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    SUBJECT: RE: luzon info Posted By: Poofy
    Post Time: 2/27/2008 01:46
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    Mirc71 there is no help (or hope) All your questions are legitimate. LUZOR is Terminal IMO. Run for the hills.

    And again ....
    Am i right in thinking they only have $26,000 in the kitty ?
    How are they gonna fund the legal skirmish with Republic ?

    And another.....
    I have no shares and won't until it reaches 1 CENT OR LESS. Don't worry though. Given Mirc71's stunning financial information, only fools would buy this stock now

    And another......
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    SUBJECT: OH..OH. Posted By: Poofy
    Post Time: 2/29/2008 02:55
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    LZN management must be looking for a rock to hide under. No phone answering no emailing no nothing. IMHO KISSUM GOODBYE MONEY

    Interesting -very interesting.
    Apparently the posters over there are also uncertain whether Luzon managed to take up the option on Lipichi by Jan 1, 2008. No information from management

    Haven't managed to have a full track back through posts of january and will have to leave it for now but someone might like to follow up on that and see what they can glean.

    Take great care though. There is a lot of rubbish quoting those results for Lipichi that were revealed by Luzon/ Republic about a year ago. Some posters quote them as though they are fresh info which they are not. Canadian rampers no better.
    Happy hunting.
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