Canada, sporting underachievment?

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    Can someone explain why Canada appears to me to be an under achiever in sport? Perhaps they over achieve in other areas? Arts? Do their super athletes get called to Ice Hockey or some other winter or snow sport?

    It was bought to my notice when in Wimbledon, Murray beat Raonic in the mens final and it was mentioned by the media that no Canadian man had ever won Wimbledon? If you look up the stats, no Canadian woman has either. Or look at the Olympic games or Commonwealth games and Canada seems to always underachieve If compared to any other first world wealthy nation.

    Just some figures plucked at random,

    2008 Summer Olympics. Australia 46 medals, Canada 19 medals. Even New Zealand with a fraction of Canadas population got 9 medals.

    2014 Commonwealth games. Australia 137 medals, Canada 82 medals, New Zealand 45?

    Canada did have Ben Johnson the sprinter? But then he got busted for steroids so does that even count. Add to that the fact that they do have a smattering of their population with African blood who are naturally athletically gifted.

    Canada has never had a mens golfing no. one. Australia has had 3 in the last 30 years, Norman, Scott and Day. Canada has never had a women no. one golfer either.

    Perhaps it's just that Australia and New Zealand are over achievers?

    Admittedly Canada does do very well in the Winter Olympics for obvious reasons but thats about the only sport they stand out in? Is there an obvious reason?
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