canada - got splinters in its bum

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    Clear to see why Canada is sitting on the fence.

    With such a large French influence - no wonder they're hedging their bets. Time to grow up and leave the pram.

    Maybe one day they'll get the guts to sever ties with France.

    Here's an example of some stances in Canada towards Iraq - talk about being out of step

    Oppositions to sanctions within Canada

    Quebec Network to End Sanctions on Iraq

    Sanctions and Iraq

    Impacts of Sanctions
    on Iraqi Society

    Myths and Realities

    UN Office of the Iraq Programme

    Iraq and Sanctions Photos

    Sanctions and Canada

    Canadian Policy regarding Iraq

    Opposition to sanctions

    Positions taken in Canada

    Name of the organisation Stand-point Humanitarian

    Amnesty International(French Canadian section)

    Resolution calling for the lifting of economic sanctions against Iraq.
    Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI)

    Resolution calling for the lifting of all sanctions against Iraq and the establishment of a compensation fund.

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