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I found these charts at two different places and they are not of...

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    I found these charts at two different places and they are not of my doing, the charts show good things for ASX-OLL.
    From my research, OpenLearning is becoming more well-known.
    I believe personally that if the virus continues without a working vaccine, OpenLearning will benefit.
    I believe personally that if the vaccine works and a recovery starts happening around the world, OpenLearning will benefit from people needing to be re-trained on a mass scale.
    My personal opinion from 10 years of reserch on going down an endless rabbit hole of our true history, the people controlling/pulling the string's of the puppets in government and this so called COVID-19 virus. A proper vaccine that will do the job, is highly unlikely.
    No matter what direction this pandemic takes, I feel OpenLearning is in a very unique position to benefit either way.
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