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    A tourist decides to visit a Native American Chief who is famous for his perfect memory.

    "Okay, Chief..." says the tourist,

    "Let's test that memory of yours. What did you eat for breakfast on May 9th, 1972?"

    The Chief thinks for a moment, and responds "Eggs."

    The tourist replies, "Wow, that's incredible! You really do have a perfect memory." and leaves.

    Ten years later the tourist finds himself in the Chief's neck of the woods and decides to pay him a visit.

    He enters the Chief's home and respectfully greets him, saying "Hau, Chief."

    The Chief promptly replies, "Scrambled."

    German tourist visits Poland

    Guy at the airport: Nationality?

    German dude: German

    Guy at the airport: Occupation?

    German dude: Nein, nein, only vacation.


    An egoistic tourist goes on a tour of London.

    Walking past an enormous building, he boasts "We have buildings 4 times the size of that where I'm from."

    The tour guide replies "I'm not surprised. That's a lunatic asylum."

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