Can we The people prosecute Dan?

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    Hi BB

    The sad thing is that yet again, electors are in general not capable of prosecuting a policy platform marketed like that presented by Labor in the recent Victorian election.

    I have am in engineering/construction and have my ear to the ground with some seniors in Lend Lease and during they election they were super confident about a break fee of $1.1 bill for East West Link ... if I knew then surely Dan knew and figured what the heck it's an election winner I will push on and use my might as premier to avoid that payment ... a huge bungle at best or huge wilful lie at worst.

    Kevin 07 was another election where voters succumbed to a beguiling campaign.

    Since then voters have succumbed to beguiling preference whisperers and voted in government crippling minorities, micros and independents.

    The problem is lack of prosecution by voters of election policies and promises. Lazy, emotional, popular decisions by voters is a big part of Australia's current political malaise.

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    ...Isn't it actually legislated that any MP or Public Servant for that matter, cannot be prosecuted or be held liable for any bungle, misleading statement, or for that matter overseeing a gross mismanagement of taxpayer funds at any time whilst in the employ of the people and paid by the people?
    They may well be subpoenaed to appear at a Royal Commission oer investigation but they cannot be held personally liable or prosecuted.
    They should be imo, maybe that way there might be a care factor when spending or wasting billions on a personal pursuit of glory!
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