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One of the remarkable things which I discovered in Twiggy's...

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    One of the remarkable things which I discovered in Twiggy's unathorized autobio is that he cut his teeth as a stock broker.
    And he was good at it - there is a bit in there about Joe Gutnick.
    When I say good, I mean ruthless in pursuing an outcome.

    A sensible person would say it's aĺl CT to suggest SP manipulation.
    But with the current SP sensible leaves the reservation.
    With the right project team, this company will succeed with Mt Peake due to their technology.

    However with the right technology the right projects/deposits will be extremely successful.

    Now look at BBI again.

    Look at the escape pod which looks almost exactly like the old TNG minus a couple of things & has just bought on board some very big hitters.

    What would it look like for the WA mining fraternity to achieve an outcome like this?

    The biggest thing that got me about the Vimson deal was the sleepless nights which would have gone on when the ECE on market dumping & SP manipulation occurred post DFS. I've not been able to reconcile why the BOD, particularly Rex & PB would so willingly enter into almost the same arrangement. Placing the SP at the mercy with someone who they'd never publicly announced an association. Look how long it took for the ECE deal. Then how long it took tobtidy that up. Yet Vimson was literally overnight.

    Just to keep Rex there. Why?

    So maybe we're seeing the outcome of remarkable competence & planning come to fruition, just not one that will benefit any of TNG long term holders.

    One little tidbit being taken into consideration in this theory is that BBI grades are close to double or better than Mt Peake for all 3 commodities.
    From memory as I'm writing on my phone again....BBI vs TNG
    Vanadium 1% vs 0.3%
    Titanium 14% vs 5.6%
    Fe 45% vs 23%

    Whose TIVAN plant will be more bankable?
    Wouldn't it be better for it to be unencumbered by royalties to the process flow inventors?

    I'm not going to unintentionaĺly help this effort to maintain negative sentiment any longer even though it's where I stand presently, I think I'll work on proving the above theory out.
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