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Can We Draw Comparisons?

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    Is this violent swinging market gaining stability or not? I just wonder how similar the charts are to the late 80's when we saw violent ups and downs. From memory there were many biggest or top ten falls and rises.
    Is JP Morgan and Citigroup out of the spotlight? How on earth can we justify a derivatives position whereby they have multiples in the 700:1 (shareholder equity) range. Surely to god something has to give sooner or later. Can the media and US governement hoodwink us for much longer?
    I am sticking with my defensive stance and niggling away at value gold stocks as they come off their recent highs. There are some great buys at current recently depressed prices, especially if this is just a knee jerk dead cat bounce.
    If it is the bottom and we are turning bullish again then there goes my wealth sack. I just feel that this is the calm before the storm and there is still a lot of scandals and bankruptcies to evolve before the market turns upward.
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