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can we dare to dream about mhm future ??

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    Hi all

    My last post got me thinking about that !!

    Can we all dare to dream about MHM future I wonder ???

    Now we all know of what our (MHM) technology will do, for in reducing aluminium salt slag landfill WORLD WIDE !!

    Also Significantly reduced ENERGY CONSUMPTION by producing aluminium from salt slag waste, as compared to primary sources requires 95% LESS ENERGY then required to produce aluminium.

    The Australian Aluminium Council states that primary aluminium production results in 3.1 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of metal. Alreco process uses 95% LESS ENERGY so will reduce CO2 output by approximately 2.945 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of metal. The Alcoa landfill alone is understood to contain between 16,000 and 32,000 tonnes of metal, RESULTING IN A SAVING OF BETWEEN 47,000 AND 94,000 TONNES OF CO2 FROM EMISSION.

    Now just think about that a saving of between 47,000 and 94,000 tonnes of CO2 emission, ON ONLY OF BETWEEN 16,000 AND 32,000 TONNE OF LANDFILL IN AUSTRALIA ONLY !!

    How much more CO2 emission will we save in the states, with one plant up and running I wonder ?? and then think of how many more plants, that we could have in the states and then the REST OF THE WORLD HOW GOOD WILL THAT BE !!

    Don't forget that there is a lot of other landfills IN THE WORLD that need our HELP !! do the sums and see how good they are.

    In the United States MHM continues to make progress in salt slag supply discussions with Smelter Service
    Corporation, Alcoa and others.

    --------------------- and others !! --------------------

    Now what do you think that means and others ??

    I"m sure that we (MHM) are talking to more then just Alcoa
    and SSC over there in North America !!

    What about Canada who is there and also how many aluminiu
    plants are there to I wonder ??

    I know that Rio Tinto Alcan is there, here is some think from there home page I found.

    Through the Rio Tinto Alcan Canada Fund, Rio Tinto is committed to providing support for community-building initiatives which integrate environmental, economic and social considerations, and which meet the needs of the present while safeguarding our legacy for future generations. We are looking for projects that demonstrate innovation, collaboration, new learning, and inclusion. We want to fund ideas that have the potential for measurable progress toward local sustainability. We want to help make a difference for today and for the future.

    Encourage environmental stewardship, and reduce waste and pollution through recycling and other conservation strategies.

    Here is a link of aluminium plants WORLD WIDE !! In Canada alone there is about 200 aluminium plants.


    Also a link of aluminium smelters WORLD WIDE !!

    Also 11 aluminium smelters in Canada


    Now there must hundreds if not thousands of both, aluminium
    plants and aluminium smelters WORLD WIDE !!


    We (MHM) are in the drive's seat, in how we will roll out our TECHNOLOGY WORLD WIDE !!

    Not just here or the US but the whole **##!**## WORLD !!

    Now can we all dare to dream of the FUTURE that MHM has I wonder ??

    I'm sure that Frank and the rest at MHM, have a lot more technology that could be incorporated into MHM technologys.

    Just wait until we get the nod to build the plants over there, also the concessions and incentives from the state and local governments, what will that to our SP then I wonder ??

    There is sooooooo much upside to our little company (MHM), that sometimes it's hard for me to think about any think else.

    So just tell me please if I'm in a DREAM OR NOT !!

    Can we all dare to DREAM OF MHM FUTURE !!!


    What do you all think about it ???

    --------------- IF WE BUILD IT THEY WILL COME --------------

    Good luck to all that hold MHM.
    The technology we have is out of this world and soon to be around this world.
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