Can we ban the spammers!

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    Please could you come up with a way to stop those few posters that post non stop all day and night constantly repeating themselves and annoying most people (but apparently not all as they do have some supporters). I believe since this behaviour became endemic there has been a noticable overall reduction in the quality of the information posted.

    Ignore helps a lot but you still can't escape these people fully and I feel that those people who have in the past been willing to post well reasoned analysis are the ones who are first driven away to other sites.

    I'd really like to see either a way of limiting the number of posts per day/hour per poster or perhaps even banning individuals who are considered offensive by enough people. The trouble with banning is that these same posters happily tell everyone how often they have been banned elsewhere and how often they have just come in again under a new alias. It would require tighter screening of new members in some way to make this one stick.

    Once again - those people who I most value the opinions of are being driven away by the volume of "spam" appearing on the site which is a very sad way to run down the site that you are working so hard to improve.

    A mechanism to have readers notify of offensive posters wouldn't go astray. If say, 100 different members said that someone was getting out of hand then perhaps they could have their posting privileges suspended for a week. I'm aiming this one at those who feel they have to personally attack others - although I imagine some will feel that is what this message is doing.

    I suspect if you sent an email to all of your active registered members asking them whether they would like this sort of behaviour stopped you would get a 90+% positive response.
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